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 +==== Sample Configuration ====
 +auth           on
 +tls            on
 +tls_trust_file /​etc/​ssl/​certs/​ca-certificates.crt
 +logfile ​       /​etc/​msmtp/​msmtp.log
 +aliases ​       /​etc/​aliases
 +account ​       sendgrid
 +host           ​
 +from           ​noreply@your.domain
 +port           587
 +user           ​apikey
 +password ​      ​your.api.secret
 +account default : sendgrid
 +Note that I made a symlink of /​etc/​msmtprc to /​etc/​msmtp/​msmtprc,​ so it's easier to mount the whole folder into docker.
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